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Intek Dolphin MR-8060 VHF FM Handheld Marine Radio
The Intek Dolphin MR80-60 is a Pocket Sized handheld VHF FM marine transceiver, with a built-in high power 5W transmitter, in a compact package. Adjustable transmitter RF power level (5W or 1W). 8 programmable memory channels, adjustable digital squelch, Dual Watch, VOX, Roger Beep (end of transmission tone), S/RF Digital Signal Meter and a lot more functions.
Intek Seatec - 5 VHF FM Handheld Marine Radio
The Intek Seatec-5 is a VHF FM Marine Transceiver with advanced functions and is fully PC programmable (with optional programming kit). It’s large 1.8” LCD display features a digital S/RF meter, channel and 6-digit frequency readout. Other features include manual or fixed squelcg function, dual and triple watch.
JMC RT-2500 VHF Waterproof Marine Radio 156-163MHz
A compact, sleek fixed marine transceiver that is waterproof to IPX7 specification, operating on the 156-163MHz frequency range. The RT-2500 DSC/ATIS series transceiver is a VHF marine radio with Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and Automatic Transmitter Identification System (ATIS).
JMC RTP-1000 VHF Handheld Marine Radio Transceiver
This hand-held portable VHF marine radio has fantastic features whilst allowing the user to enjoy both freedom and mobility. The backlit LCD and keys means the radio can be used both at night and day. The product is also designed to protect against spray and splash.
Midland Atlantic XT Handheld Marine Radio Kit with Accessories (Black)
The Midland Atlantic XT handheld Marine Radio is durable, electronically advanced and provides clear and reliable communication on all ITU assigned international channels on VHF nautical band.
POLMAR NAVY-011F Marine Floating Radio with ATIS
Floating Radio, this radio is designed to float if dropped overboard. The orange center makes it visible and easy to retrieve. This rugged radio is also designed to meet JIS7 (IPX7) specifications this means it’s designed to operate properly after being submerged in one meter deep water for 30 minutes.
TTI TX-150 Marine Handheld Transceiver
The TTI TX-150 is a new breed of handheld marine VHF radio. Designed to be a compact giant the TX-150 is ideally suited to small pleasure craft and general marine leisure use.